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We’re so proud of the reviews they leave for us…
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A trip you will
never forget.

Ellen P.

United Kingdom

Visited September 2015

"Having been to Egypt many times I really could recommend this company to anyone. Even if you can't remember the facts of the sites you see, you'll never forget the feeling you get watching sunrise at Abu Simbel or the first time you wander through Karnak. I want to go back!"


If you've ever wanted to see Egypt, I can't imagine there is a better person to see it with than Yasser Omar our amazing guide. 

If you can, you must see this amazing and warm country. You aren't too young and you aren't too old for this trip. Also don't wait to have someone to join you - the world awaits. Trust me, you'll never feel alone or nervous and everything will be handled for you from the moment you step off the plane. I can't recommend this country and these guys enough!

I'm missing Egypt, and the wonderful friends I made along the way.

Sara C.

March 2019

It was amazing!

Taylor R.


Visited November 2019

  My trip to Egypt has come to an end but my god it was amazing! I did a 10 day tour through Bucket List Travel, organized by the wonderful Annie Emanuelli, and guided by the amazing Yasser Omar! I thought about traveling Egypt solo but I’m so glad I did a tour. I did and saw things I never would have without Annie and Yasser and never would have gotten the information and history about all the sites without Yasser. We saw the Great Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara, Karnak, King Tut’s Tomb, went to carpet, gold, papyrus, and essential oil shops, danced with locals at a small village outside of Cairo, sailed down the Nile River, and had the most amazing food! There is so much more that I could talk about, but this post really goes out to Yasser. That man has an amazing wealth of knowledge and has the biggest heart I’ve ever known. He not only single handedly guided 16 women for 10 days, but also put up with every single high maintenance request we asked. He went above and beyond and I have no idea how he had so much patience. He took us out to experience local life after very long days when any normal human would be sleeping because he wanted us to love his country as much as he does. Thank you so much Yasser, I’m sure none of us will every forget our time in Egypt!

P.S. shout out to all the women on this trip who I never thought I’d bond with so well, thanks for making this trip magical. #habibi #bucketlisttravelegypt #egypt #nilecruise

They took
care of us
from A to Z

"If you are thinking of going to Egypt, I urge you to contact Bucket List Travel. We got off the plane and went through Covid area and then a gentleman met us and took us through the Visa process, stayed with us to get our luggage and delivered us outside to Yasser Omar and our driver. The process was very smooth. We stayed in 5 star hotels and ate wonderful food in the restaurants Yasser picked out for us. They took care of us from A-Z. We had dinner on our own a few nights. When we left, the same gentleman took us back through the airport process. I can not say enough about this group! Please check them out!"

Priscilla M.

Visited July 2021

Mind Blowing

Kathy K.

Visited March 2018

Went to Egypt with Girls Love Travel in March 2018. Bucket List Travel hosted our trip and had the most amazing professionally trained team members that delivered a mind blowing experience.

You won't be disappointed

Traveling with Bucket List Travel Egypt is genuinely one of the best experiences of my life. They anticipate your every need and treat you like a rock star throughout the trip. Egypt is a thoroughly fascinating and fantastic place to visit. You won’t be disappointed.

Denise R.

Visited November 2019

Going again!!!

Mariah R.

Visited September 2015

A friend of mine and I had the most amazing experience with Bucket List Travel in September of 2015. Yasser Omar's passion and brilliance with Egyptian History was contagious. Apparently it left us wanting more as we have planned another trip in October of 2016. The entire tour was well organized, professional and made us fall in love with Egypt!!! I would highly recommend and have to so many of my friends!!!

Discover Ancient Eygpt

Ke H.

Visited April 2016

This was a trip of a lifetime that we will never forget. To be able to see all the ancient wonders from Luxor and Karnack to the Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut Temple and the Great Pyramids at Giza. We walked in the footsteps of the Pharaohs, cruised and discovered the romance of the Nile, and experienced beautiful lands and friendly people. Our guide, Yasser, was incredibly knowledgeable and instilled in us his love and enthusiasm for the culture and history of Egypt. He truly enlightened us not only on the ancient Egyptian kingdoms, civilization and worship, but also the traditions and customs of modern Egypt. I cannot over emphasize how amazing this was, and Bucket List Travel took care of every detail. From our travel in country to tickets, tours, and accommodation, we didn’t have to worry or plan anything. Bucket List Travel created an itinerary that suited our interests, took us on nothing more than an incredible journey and made this beyond just a vacation and into a true adventure. I highly recommend, “go to Egypt”, Bucket List Travel can make this a life changing experience for you, it did for us.


I just returned from a once in a lifetime trip to Cairo organized by Bucket List Travel. Annie took care of every detail of planning, and it really showed when I got off the plane and was taken care of from start to finish with the greatest care. My guide Yasser was amazing! He was kind, professional, knowledgeable, and funny! He went above and beyond to ensure my every need was met and that I got the most out of each day I was in Egypt. I always felt safe and loved actually experiencing Egyptian life. I plan to grab my friends and book again with Bucket List Travel!

Noel G.

November 2018

Wouldn't travel with anyone

If you have ever considered visiting Egypt I would definitely recommend that you do it! And I wouldn’t travel with anyone except Bucket List Travel, they really went above and beyond to make this the best experience possible!! 

Melissa M .

Visited December 2019

Might have to come back!

Yasser and Annie have put together a great tour company. The list of sites you will see are amazing. Yes Egypt is checked off my bucket list but I may need to go back and see more! It was a great trip. Go! Enjoy.

Donna P.

April 2017

So much love for Egypt

Marianna D.

March 2019

I have been home for just a little over 24 hours and am still trying to process the trip I just came back from. Egypt was eye-opening and life-changing for so many reasons. In Alexandria, I felt nostalgic about Napoli, in Cairo, intrigued by the traffic and everyday life of the locals, and through the trip consistently reminded of how and when civilization began. The food was incredible, the sights and sounds intoxicating, and the history, unreal. People told me to worry about safety, cautioned me not to go, and being the stubborn person that I am could not let this opportunity pass me by. I figured this photo was an accurate way to show my love for this beautiful country that welcomed me with open arms. So much love for Egypt.

Imprinted on my heart

Pat B.

March 2019

Whenever I go on vacation, I say nothing beats the last one. This vacation has me ecstatic, no stone was left unturned. The diversity of souk markets, alabaster and perfume factories, carpet schools, jewellery bazaars, spice markets in addition to the Nile cruise, history, temples, culinary and culture I am still floating on the clouds with my new luggage from trying to bring home a piece of everything. The people were nice, and I felt safe at all times. My guide Yasser was phenomenal. This vacation is imprinted on my heart. Thanks Bucket list travel, girls love travel and the beautiful ladies with whom I had the pleasure of enjoying on this magnificent adventure.


I'm home but I'm not home. I want to be out there where time is endless, where the desire to learn more about past civilizations became increasingly exhilarating, where frequent tea/ coffee stops were the go-to hello's, and night-owl life was the norm. The engaging intellectual talks, political ones that intrigued further research, religious observations that reminded of things I've read since I was a . Selfies, boomerangs, , running panoramic, story, cartouche twin, open windows , , 10min shopping sprees , , and the unforgettable lunch !

I came back with wonderful memories, new friends, a few pounds on my body (I love good food ) and an eager desire to dive into another cultural enriching trip! The conversations were hilarious, nurturing, enlightening and in every aspect fed my soul. I couldn't have asked for better company! My heart yearned for exactly this

Thank you, lovely travel buddies, for an amazing couple of weeks! All of which couldn't been possible without miss Annie and Yasser 's assistance and the GLT group! So thank you for bringing us together and developing this kickass itinerary! Cheers to future adventures!

Kendy M.

December 2019

Cairo at sunset with the pyramids in the background

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