Get to know the sights, sounds and aromas of Morocco!

Grand Tour of Morocco

Bucket List Travel is excited to introduce this amazing 12-day, 11-night Grand Tour of Morocco!


A trip to Morocco is like visiting a dozen different countries! From the gorgeous red dunes of the Sahara Desert and the maze-like souqs of Fez, to the dazzling blue city of Chefchaeoen and the Alps-like High Atlas Mountains, and the exotic romance of the kasbah of Casablanca and spice bazaars of Marrakesh - you will be overcome with the sights, sounds and aromas of Morocco!

This Grand Tour of Morocco shows you all of this and so much more!


11 nights at 4* or 5* hotels


All tours escorted by a private driver and a local guide


Entrance fees to all sights in the itinerary


10 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 10 dinners with water


Water, Wi-Fi, and snacks will be available free on the tour bus


All transportation, in modern air-conditioned vehicles


We'll pick you up at the airport when you arrive, and bring you to your hotel. When it's time for you to leave, we'll bring you from your hotel back to the airport

What To Expect

This moderately-paced, escorted tour covers 1,178 miles in 12 days - which means a lot of time on a bus. We will have free water, snacks and wifi on the tour bus every day, and will stop frequently for rest stops and tours. The longest day spent on the bus is between Fez and Erfoud (day 6), which is approximately 9 hours. The tour includes a reasonable amount of walking and requires an average level of physical fitness. Most of the sightseeing stops are between one to three hours. We find our guests are happiest when they can roll with delays and last-minute changes that may happen in the unpredictable world of African travel. The best things you can bring with you are flexibility, patience, and a sense of humor!

Morocco Sites: A Snapshot!
Rabat - Morocco's Capital

We’ll tour Rabat, Morocco's capital, which rests along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the Bouregreg River. It has a real European feel, with cafés lining the streets, a selection of fine restaurants, and landmarks that speak to its Islamic and French-colonial heritage. We'll explore the Royal Palace, the official residence of the king of Morocco, and the country's most important museum. We'll visit Mohammed V Square to admire the historic Art Deco buildings with Islamic influences; and the Hassan II Mosque, whose minaret soars 575 feet above the city. We'll explore the ancient Kasbah of the Udayas - a small, fortified city within Rabat which dates to the 1100s. It’s now a charming little neighborhood with colorful streets and bustling cafes.

Tangier - Europe’s Gateway to Africa!

Tangier is located on a bay of the Strait of Gibraltar, 17 miles from the southern tip of Spain. It is known as Europe’s gateway to Africa. The old town is enclosed by 15th-century ramparts, and dominated by the Sultan’s Palace, a Kasbah, and the Great Mosque. We'll discover two of Morocco’s most picturesque coastal locations, where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean: Cap Spartel and the Cave of Hercules.

We'll visit the Tangier American Legation, an elegant five-story mansion located in the Medina. A museum, cultural center, and research library, it holds historical and artistic artifacts and is home to a rich history of diplomatic relations between the United States and Morocco. It is the only American National Historic Landmark outside the United States. We'll walk through Perdicaris Parc, a lush park with views of the Mediterranean from the hilltops. The park boasts hundreds of Eucalyptus trees from Australia, as well as California, Canary and Coconut palm trees. We'll experience the atmosphere of Tangier's largest market, the Grand Soco, and the legendary fortress called the Kasbah.

The Exquisite "Blue Pearl of Morocco"

Early this morning, we'll leave Tangier and drive 71 miles to exquisite city of Chefchaouen, known as "Morocco's Blue Pearl." The city is painted in various shades of blue, a custom that dates back to the 15th century, when an influx of Jews escaping the Spanish Inquisition settled there. They brought the tradition of painting buildings blue to mirror the sky and remind them of God. The narrow blue pedestrian streets give

ways to wide squares and breathtaking views over the lush valley below. Chefchaouen boasts one of the most hassle-free medinas in all of Morocco, with boutique shops selling beautiful crafts made right in the city.

Fez - Morocco's Cultural Capital

We'll have a full day tour in the medieval city of Fez, the country’s cultural capital. Once a world center of influence, Fez is a heritage site, and for centuries life there has largely gone on unchanged. It is primarily known for its Fes El Bali walled Medina, with medieval Marinid architecture, vibrant souks and old-world atmosphere. When you stroll beneath the famous blue gate of Bab Boujeloud, you are transported 1,000 years back in time.  The UNESCO World Heritage Medina of Fez is the oldest and largest in North Africa. The Medina is home to religious schools such as the 14th-century Bou Inania and Al Attarine, both decorated with elaborate cedar carvings and ornate tile work. There are well over 60 public fountains inside the Medina, and one of the finest is the Nejjarine Fountain. Built in the 18th century, it features zellige (colourful geometric mosaic tilework) and stucco that form patterns as delicate as lacework. The Karaouine Mosque was founded in 859 and has expanded over successive dynasties until it became the largest mosque in North Africa. There are tiles, plasterwork, woodcarvings, paintings and courtyards, which all add to the overall allure of this prestigious building. The building has undergone roughly 1,000 years of development, so you’ll see unusual differences in architectural and decorative style in this now massive building. We'll also visit the Mellah, or Jewish Quarter, established in Fez in 1438. A walk through the Mellah provides a throwback to an earlier epoch. We’ll see the restored 17th century Ibn Danan Synagogue and an arresting Jewish Cemetery with 400 year-old tombstones.

From Alpine Village to the Sahara Desert

Erfoud is an oasis town popularly known as the Gates of Sahara Desert. We'll travel an idyllic route, admiring the parade of mountains, valleys, forests, and desert.

We stop in the city of Ifrane, which has a Swiss alpine feel that is unique in Morocco. Located at an altitude of 5,460 feet in the Middle Atlas region, this small hill town has red-roofed houses, blooming flower beds, lake-studded parks and snowbound winters. This remarkable European-styled town is often referred to as “Morocco’s Switzerland.”

Next, we visit Azrou, which translates literally to “rock” in the local language and is named for the large, black volcanic outcrop in the center of town.

Marvelous Marrakesh

We will also visit the city of Marrakesh. The city has it all: Colorful souks selling handmade crafts and hand-woven Berber rugs, stunning gardens draped in flowers, and

restaurants serving up delicious Moroccan cuisine. Within the high red walls of the Medina, just soaking up the atmosphere is the main tourist attraction in this

colorful hubbub that echoes Morocco's vibrant soul. We’ll see the sparkling Menara Gardens, established in the 12th century, which have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. We’ll admire the painted wood ceilings, stained glass windows and intricately carved doors of the giant Bahia Palace, a 19th-century residence in the old city; and visit the Dar Si Saïd Museum, a 19th-century palace now featuring a display of Moroccan weaving and carpets. Finally, we’ll tour the iconic souks of Jemaa el-Fna Square (assembly place of the nobodies), a vibrant hub of vendors, musicians, fortune-tellers, and snake charmers that springs to life every afternoon and parties on until midnight.



This 12-day, 11-night adventure is priced $2,399 per person double occupancy

This does NOT include airfare to and from Morocco.

Single supplement is $750.


Your space will be secured when we receive a deposit of $500.

Upon receipt, 50% of the deposit paid is nonrefundable. 

The balance is due by three months before your departure.


In the event that you need to cancel your trip, these fees will be applied:

Within 150-101 days of travel: $375.

Within 100-61 days of travel:  25% of tour price

Within 60 and 46 days of travel: 50% of tour price.

Within 45 and 31 days of travel: 75% of tour price.

Within 30 and 1 days of travel: 100% of tour price.