Top 10 Everything!

There are top 10 everything lists from top ten lists for things to fear to top ten diets. When it comes to planning our bucket list it is helpful to see top lists for many areas of interest! Top ten lists are helpful and popular.

Top Free things to do

1. Blow bubbles. Yes. the kind you get at the dollar store.

2. Make a hand-written card for your special someone or a person who means a lot to you, just because.

3. Watch a thunderstorm.

4. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise. Find a special place to watch that sunrise.

5. Go running, jumping, walking in the run -- without an umbrella.

6. Volunteer. Yes. Really. Look up all of the opportunities in your area. Pick something. And do it. Commit to a few hours a week. Or a specific event.

7. Free concerts, theatre in the park series, festivals -- music like blues or jazz, Rib fest, balloon fest.

8. Walk, hike, somewhere new, somewhere familiar. Once, on a regular basis, alone, with a friend, or friends, or a group and end with a picnic. When was the last time you had a picnic?

9. Go stargazing. Find one of the darkest parts of your area. Check out the library or online for names of stars and constellations to look for. Take a friend.

10. Go to the library. It's free to borrow books, cds, and dvds. Read. Learn. Get inspired. Have fun.

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