To Do List

I am always and forever working on my to do list -- the latest list for work, home, travel, friends, and health. I am living my best life -- at least giving it the best I can! Recently, someone said to me that they felt like I was living like someone who had a "near death experience". All because I choose to live my best life, truly take the actions necessary to get closer to achieving my list of life goals, on a daily basis. My purpose -- Live Well, Laugh Often, and Love with all of your heart.

This is truly a choice. To live the way you want. To be positive or to be negative. To choose to see the glass half empty or half full. It is all a choice. To love is a choice. It truly is. To give is a choice. To be our true selves is a choice.

This is one of the sayings prominently displayed on my fridge:

There are moments in life when everything can change. It always starts with a decision.

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