Student travels with or without bucket lists.

by Gabriele
(Tenerife, Spain)

The best are student travels. This means in other words: Travel before reaching old age!
Do so while working and studying at the same time.
See the world with only a minimum of a bucket list.

Why student travels in our prime life time?

7 most important reasons to do so:

  1. Easier adjusting of priorities according to circumstances

  2. Health is better while young

  3. We get more out of journeys, while still more adventurous.

  4. We are feeling more free during our student age.

  5. No need to worry about bucket lists of obligations, left behind

  6. Travel before having children leaves us more care free

  7. No elderly parents to look after as yet

Nothing looks better, tastes better and remembers better than everything which happened while we were beautiful and young.
The time will come when going away seems less important. Therefore, traveling while young is optimum.

Unfortunately, some regions of the world are not very suited for students. The author of this advice is staying on the biggest of all Canary Islands.

Students can only go there with cash in their pockets. Why is that so? The island of the former Guanches is best suited for ordinary tourists or for the owner of a holiday home in Tenerife.

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