Inspiring Movies

Inspiring Movies like The Bucket List leave us thinking, wondering, pondering, and analyzing our own lives. If I asked what is on your list of top ten movies what shows up? How about your top 100 movies list?

The Bucket List is the inspiration for this website. Even though many of us have had things on our Bucket List long before this movie came out, it certainly created some awareness and a consciousness that got us talking, thinking and yes -- doing!! Music also inspires us. Please check this link out for more information on music

Movie List:

These movies have messages, scenes or even moments. There is no order to what we are listing here. This list is provided to give you a perspective, and some food for thought. These aren't necessarily Academy Award winners or have the best stories. They represent all kinds of ideas and themes to contemplate when you are generating your Bucket List. They might just make you think about something for your How I am going to live my life list. Or you might just be inspired? In the end it's about finding your purpose, your essence, that elusive something to look for everyday in your life. In the Bucket List -- one of the items was "Find the joy in your life". Sounds simple -- but not easily when it comes down to the reality.

1. Patch Adams

2. Serendipity

3. City of Angels

4. Pay It Forward

5. Coyote Ugly

6. Elizabethtown

7. Rudy

8. Stand by Me

9. Fried Green Tomatoes

10. Miracle on 34th Street

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