Health Wellness

Health Wellness and general well-being are important goals. How can you enjoy traveling, spending time with family and friends trying new activities if you don't feel well?

Having goals in this area are not adventureous or extra-ordinary like extreme items on the bucket list like Parachuting or Backpacking through Europe. They essentially become part of the "How I am going to live my life List".

Making the decision to become healthier and taking steps towards that everyday will result in more energy and a feeling of overall well-being and happiness.

Each of us needs to set our own personal goals in this area. These will include getting to a point or reaching a certain level of healthiness. Separately and differently are goals in terms of how we will live our lives on a daily basis.

Bucket List Items:

Set specific goals and specific dates to complete your goals.

Write them down. Let someone know. That will make you accountable to achieve your goals.

How are you going to do it? Look at our goal setting page for more tips on setting goals for this area of your life.
Lose Weight. 10 pounds. 20 pounds. 12 pounds. 110 pounds. Choose the amount based on research. You may need to consult your physician.

Sample Ideas for a Process:

Start on May 1, 2010 and lose 20 pounds - 2 a week and lose by July 10th, 2010. How?

Go to the gym 3 times a week - choose the days and times, or choose particular classes - like Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics. Work out at your home gym.

Enlist a friend or family member to work out with you. Change your diet. Plan all of your meals daily. Or set goals to cut out sweets, and snacks.

Do your research.

Choose what makes sense for you. Make a detailed plan. Write it down.

More examples to add to your planning list:

- put on weight (how much?)

- drink more water (how much? how often?)

- buy a scale that measures body fat and water percentages, find your ideal and plan ways to get there, and stay there

- quit smoking (when, how)

- eat healthy, determine what that means for you and how it will work, in detail

- begin new activities that get you moving, decide what works for you, how often will you do them, where? when?

- swimming

- biking

- hiking

- walking

- Quit drinking completely

Great bucket list items include:

1. Go to a spa retreat - a day, a weekend or longer

2. Have a massage. full body. face. on your own. a couples massage?

3. Weekend getaway as a spa retreat for food, exercise, meditation and overall relaxation.

How I am Going to Live my Life List - Hill List

Set some goals, commitments, and make the decision to live well.

Write down your lists. Be specific in terms of how much, when, how often, and how?

Some sample things you could include:

1. Practice yoga daily, at home? at gym?

2. Pilates

3. Biking

4. Some form of exercise each day that gets you moving - one day biking, another walking, another yoga at home

5. Eating - add a salad to every meal? eat something every 3 to 4 hours? count carbohydrates? count fiber? eat fish three times a week?

6. Have a regular manicure. Have a regular pedicure. Once a week? Once a month at the salon and weekly at home?

7. Go to a spa retreat - how often? where?

8. Have a regular massage - what kind? how often?

9. Drink alcohol socially only.

10. Eat take out food less often - say once a week.

Choose what works for you. Exercise. Moving. Hair. Skin. Teeth (dentist visits) Eye doctor visits. Skin (moisturize) Use sunscreen. Food and eating. Be aware. Be conscious of what you are doing and when. Being more conscious and aware can make the greatest difference in our quality of life.

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