Dream Cars

Dream Cars are a popular item on the Bucket List. Some people just want to have a ride, once, in one of the world's top ten fastest cars! Everyone's opinion is different on what constitutes the best of the supercars in the world. How about a Ferrari? Lambourghini? BMW? Or do you want to meet one of the famous Nascar drivers?

Do you want to race a Dodge Challenger or Ford Mustang like they did in the Bucket List? Just to have that one race, made their hearts beat faster, and satisfied their need for that experience.

Check out the race from the movie!

Some people would like to own one of the world's top ten luxury cars! Again, everyone has a different opinion.

If money were no object which would you choose? Fast? Expensive? Luxurious? Fun? Big? Small?

Everyone's bucket list will reflect that person's priorities. If a special vehicle is a priority -- visualize yourself ! Go take a test drive. Have a picture taken of you with it!! This is the start to making your dreams a reality.

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