Aussie Walkabout

by Bev L
(Burford On)

Swimming with a green turtle

Swimming with a green turtle

I can't remember never wanting to not go to Australia. When I was in grade school we learned about marsupials which I believed to be the coolest animals on the face of the earth. I also delved into a couple of my mothers Harlequin Romance books(if she only knew!!~)which focussed on romantic characters from down under and places which sounded unreal and very foreign. My love for Australia grew.
It took many years of saving loose change and sometimes the odd bills found in the washing machine, dryer, vehicles and often my husbands work clothes or the top of his dresser before we had enough money for our trip. We flew to the east coast and stayed on Jervis Bay. We did a number of road trips to places like the Snowy Mountains, Gundagai, the Cooma Rodeo and Kangaroo Valley; not the obvious tourist locations. We flew from Sydney to Hamilton Island and visited the Great Barrier Reef. Upon return to Sydney we toured the city and took a train to Katoomba. The Blue Mountains were incredible but no more incredible than the rest of the Aussie landscape. Each area had its own beauty and charm.
I would like to return so I could go to the outback, Alice Springs, Tasmania and maybe a brief stop in New Zealand. I guess that's why I have a Bucket List.

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